Tips For Successful Digital Marketing with Jeffrey Malinovitz
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Jeff Malinovitz - Social Media Tips

Tips For Successful Digital Marketing with Jeffrey Malinovitz

Hi! Welcome to, I’m Jeff Malinovitz, and today we’re going to talk a little bit about digital marketing.


Successful digital marketing is an ongoing and nuanced process that requires time and effort to see measurable results. The digital marketing landscape is an ever-evolving ecosystem made up of numerous components that include personal sites, social and advertising platforms, and third-party tools and services.


To help you navigate how to approach your digital ecosystem, I’ve put together a list of best practices to consider when you approach digital marketing

Jeffrey Malinovitz - self-managed platform

Create a self-managed platform

While many third-party digital and social platforms offer a variety of options to create your own personal and professional online presence, nothing offers more reward than your own self-managed site. Creating a personal or professional site that you own, operate, and manage gives you complete creative control over what your audience will see, and how they consume it. You control the user experience and journey, and the overall narrative.


Design your site with purpose & intention

When designing your site it’s important to keep User Experienece (UX) top of mind. You’ll want to think about the site navigation and flow. When I created the Jeffrey Malinovitz site, for example, I asked myself the following questions: Are the buttons easy to find and legible? Do my navigation tabs make sense for each of my site sections? Have I organized the pages to speak to different sections of content? Is there a contact page? A newsletter sign-up? Social links? Are my ideas and concepts communicated clearly? Does my imagery make sense to the subjects I discuss? YBefore you start designing or optimizing your site, you’ll want to do some research on UX best practices.

Jeffrey Malinovitz - blog

Start a blog 

Including a blog on your personal or professional site offers many benefits. It can help users discover your site through improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it can serve as an outlet for you to discuss your work, your passions, your network, and your products. For example, on the Jeffrey Malinovitz blog, I discuss various strategies to improve digital marketing, since I am a consultant specializing in digital marketing.


Quality over quantity

Nobody likes spam, especially when it’s poor quality content. Always strive to produce relevant, high-resolution content that speaks to your target audiences, and adds value to their viewing experience. Highlight your value proposition clearly and succinctly. Do your best to show vs. tell viewers what you want them to gain from your messaging.

Jeffrey Malinovitz Mobile

Optimize for mobile 

These days, most people browse the internet on their mobile devices. For many, their digital device is used more frequently than their desktop device, especially when shopping for goods and services. You’ll want to make sure all your sites are optimized for mobile, as well as desktop browsing.


Pay attention to community management & engagement 

Regularly engage your audience on every platform in your ecosystem. This means monitoring all platforms for any mentions of your business and responding in a timely manner to comments and questions. Always answer every email in a timely manner, follow-up with client requests and questions, and respond to follower comments.


Invest in paid media

Organic reach is rarely enough to get in front of all the potential customers your product might interest. You’ll need to invest some money into paid media and advertising to help you reach your target audience and remain competitive against your competitors.


Recruit professional assistance 

Sometimes it’s best to recruit a professional to help guide you. Digital marketing can feel overwhelming and confusing for a lot of people because it involves many moving parts, and multiple platforms. In this case, there are many expert individuals and agencies, like myself, Jeffrey Malinovitz, to help you realize your goals, and execute a plan of action to achieve them.


Thanks for reading! Please sign-up for more great digital marketing content from the Jeffrey Malinovitz site by visiting our contact page. See you next time!

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